Garage Floor Coatings Bloomington

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Garage Floor Coatings Bloomington

Check out the latest garage floor coatings in Bloomington from Alamtal Flooring, a reputable provider of residential and commercial floor coatings. If your garage floor is unsightly, showing visible signs of cracking or other damage and requires a professional resurfacing, consider our epoxy and polyaspartic coatings to restore the appearance and function of your floor’s surface. As a top Bloomington garage floor coating company, we offer a number of affordable options to achieve your goals.

Alamtal Flooring Garage Floor Services

We provide a broad range of products to keep your garage floor looking great, including top-grade floor coatings and repair options:

  • Concrete sealing
  • Crack repairs
  • Joint fills
  • Custom logos
  • Dye stain
  • Quarts floors
  • Flake floors
  • Metallic floors
  • Polyaspartic residential & commercial coating
  • Epoxy residential coating

Trust Alamtal Flooring as your one-and-only garage and concrete floor coating contractors for exceptional results. We don’t just provide premium materials- we’re experienced installers, as well. If you’ve ever thought about restoring your old garage floors, you’ll find it’s more affordable than you may have thought when you hire us for your home improvement project. We’re rated ‘Best Concrete and Garage Floor Coating Contractors’ for a reason- our commitment to delivering picture-perfect results means your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Concrete Flooring Repairs

Before we set about resurfacing your concrete floor, our experts will address minor and major imperfections and damaged areas to ensure a flawless surface when we’re through. We’ll fill joints and repair every crack in your garage floor before we begin the coating process; when we’re through, you won’t believe it’s the same floor! Browse our portfolio online to see samples of our work and get in touch with us if you have any questions for our team. Whatever your goals, rest assured, we are able to achieve the kind of results you have in mind.

Quality Garage Floor Coatings in Bloomingdale

For most residential garage floors with minimum traffic, our epoxy floor coating is the best choice. A high-quality epoxy surface can safeguard your garage floor for many years to come and make cleanup after dirty jobs a breeze. For high-traffic homes and commercial applications, we recommend our polyaspartic floor coating that features a faster dry time and additional perks that also make it a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, offices, retail stores, and other areas where a high-gloss finish is desired. Over the decades, as the finish becomes somewhat dull, a quick re-sand and fresh topcoat will bring back your floor’s luster.

Best Epoxy Floor Contractors in Bloomington

We don’t just say we’re the best- at Alamtal Flooring, we prove to our customers day in and day out that we’re the best choice for garage floor coatings in Bloomington; we do so with affordable prices and quality workmanship, attention to your customer needs, and a high focus on delivering the best possible results. Contact Alamtal Flooring today to request a free estimate for your garage repair or new coating; call our helpline now at (763) 208-9987.

Garage Floor Coatings Bloomington

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